ICAN Split bearings are widely used in transportation devices, steel mill, paper mill, mining and cement industry.

The advantages of Split bearings: Cost saving, easy maintenance, short downtime.

ICAN SRB are used in vibration screening devices , steel mills, paper mills, heavy industry and mining to guarantee a long lifetime under hardest environmental conditions.
ICAN manufactures metric and inch sized TRB. With the developed internal design ICAN TRB perform a smoother running with less internal heating. The benefit on the cost side is ICAN TRB can resist higher load rates with a longer lifetime.

ICAN CRB covers a wide range of application in various fields. ICAN CRB’s can be delivered with different designs to fulfill the customers demand.

ICAN DGBB covers the specific demands of our customers. ICAN can provide different designs such as with variable plastic, steel and brass cages, sealing and a big range of grease solutions.